About The College

As the general public recognises the health benefits of Shiatsu and look for qualified practitioners, we felt it created a demand for more formal and in-depth training in this ancient healing art. With this in mind, Shiatsu College Dublin was born.

Although the Shiatsu College Dublin is a new Shiatsu training facility, it is supported and taught by some of the teachers and founders of the original Irish School of Shiatsu. The course has been updated and re-structured to accommodate the changes in today’s way of living.

The course week-ends take place in the Yoga centre in The Healthy Way, Leixlip, Co Kildare and the residential weeks will be held in a centre within easy reach of Dublin.

The Shiatsu College Mission

The Shiatsu College of Dublin was founded out of the love and passion of this healing art and is dedicated to the promotion of good health and improved well-being for ourselves.

Our aims are:

  • To create greater awareness in society of the need for the prevention of illness rather than the simple treatment of recurring symptoms
  • To provide courses that are interesting, challenging, educational, rewarding and fun.
  • To produce graduates whose professional work is of the highest standard.
  • It to bring comforted and care to people without intrusion.
  • To bring awareness to students of the natural healing body
  • To provide support for students, on their individual needs, on any issue whether it is administration or teaching related.
  • That all courses (except introductory courses) are taught by at least two teachers to bring a variety of style and input.

Check Out Our Courses

If you are interested in learning more about Shiatsu or becoming a practitioner - check out our accredited courses thought by professional, experienced and qualified teachers.