Shiatsu Diploma Course

The teaching of Zen Shiatsu at Dublin Shiatsu College is in line with the code of ethics of ‘Shiatsu Society of Ireland’ and that of the ‘Irish Massage Therapists Association’. It enforces their humanistic approach with a “mutual and equal partnership” between practitioner and client. It also adopts an integrative therapeutic approach by practising a “professional conduct towards the client with respect of the dignity and integrity of the individual, as a whole person”. The students of Shiatsu College learn to regard their receivers with a “person-centered”, non-judgemental and inclusive approach.

Zen Shiatsu in its nature is the practice of a therapy that has some of its roots in the philosophy of holism (body/mind/spirit-environment). It recognises that a person’s symptoms originate from a holistic place and can be resolved within a holistic therapeutic approach.

Students come to Shiatsu College with various backgrounds, cultures and goals. Part of the College’s ethos is to encourage Personal Development. Every student is given the personal support they need to develop their own sense of Self throughout their studies. They are invited to look into themselves following the teaching of holism and within the bounds of a holistic Zen Shiatsu schooling. This allows the students to increase their awareness and understanding of how they themselves function within the three spheres of their holistic nature. From the knowledge the students acquire of this practice they become proficient at recognising and diagnosing pathological patterns.

As well as developing skills in Shiatsu bodywork and sensing energy, the study of the therapeutic relationship between practitioner and future clients is taught in depth and with sensitivity. It is an important part of the course and the students continue to develop their listening-counselling skills at a deeper level throughout their final two years. They are taught to prepare themselves for opening a therapeutic practice that will be safe to receive clients in a trustworthy environment, grounded in respect and confidentiality.

The students learn the body and energy work through a giving and receiving exchange. The theory of Zen Shiatsu is also taught through an experiential and experimental approach that the college believes enables the students to embody through feeling and sensing.

Shiatsu college invites the students to share their views and express their opinions on the theory and the bodywork they’re learning and practising. This is done through group discussion where feedback is encouraged and facilitated in a way that becomes a positive learning experience. Feedback is also considered an essential aspect of the students’ personal and professional growth.


(Each year carries 180 IMTA CPD points)

Year 1:   Cert in Japanese Acupressure €1,950 (8 weekends, deposit of €500 required) (3rd Year Optional Extra Chair Massage Module €160)

Year 2:   €2,500 (9 weekends) plus 5 day residential (€350)

Year 3:   €2,500 (9 weekends) plus 5 day residential (€350)

These fees include:

  • All week-end tutoring and course notes.
  • All study workgroups.
  • All exam fees.

Accomodation & meals for 5 day residential will be €350

For Year 1 a deposit of €500 secures a place and then monthly direct debits over 9 months. Likewise, for Year 2 and 3, a €500 deposit is required and remained paid by monthly direct debits over 9 months. Course fees can also be paid in 3 instalments over the year.

Sept 2022


10am - 5pm

€ 500 Deposit

The Healthy Way, Ralph Square, Leixlip, Co. Kildare

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