Shiatsu & the Energetic Connection

Having written numerous versions of this workshop I believe I have now developed a simple way of teaching this wonderful art of connecting energy with Shiatsu therapy.

For me personally, the most natural thing in my everyday life is to work with energy. Some might ask ‘what is this thing called energy?

Some might answer: it’s something ‘out there’? Or it’s a naturally ability to sense and feel. Others say it’s how they use their gut reaction

We all have a connection to nature and our world and are naturally connected with every living thing on it.

We are no different than the trees. We change our moods like the weather. In TCM, if one gets a bad cold or chest infection. it’s called wind invasion. Everything is connected. But unfortunately, we have lost a lot of this natural way of being because of our up brining and our education where EVERYTHING has to be proven

Everyone has experienced that Gut feeling…when you just knew something was right or wrong. And may have suffered the consequences of not following that GUT feeling.

This workshop will explore and reconnect you with your gut instinct. It will also look at expanding our energy out and extracting it back in. We will explore what we sense and feel and learn how to Diagnose from this new way of thinking and connecting. If this is something you would like to know more about and benefit your practice then please join me and lets connect!

Feb 5th & 6th


10am - 4pm

The Healthy Way, Leixlip, Co. Kildare