Maruan Fakhuri is originally from Munich, Germany, and is a German registered naturopath for Psychotherapy, with his master’s degree in Social Work. He has more than 20 years experience in bodywork with indepth trainings in Shiatsu, PsychoDynamic Body and Energywork (Biodynamic, Gestalt and Postural Integration) and Breath Therapy by Herta Richter. He graduated from the European Shiatsu Institute (Germany) which is rooted in the theory and practice of Masunaga Shiatsu (Zen Shiatsu) and where he was then invited to join the faculty. He served as a Shiatsu Teacher with the European Shiatsu Institute from 2006 to 2017. In 2014 he joined the Santa Fe School of Massage (USA) teaching and developing curriculum in the Zen Shiatsu program. Since 2019 he teaches Shiatsu with the Ki-College in Heidelberg. In 2012 he became licensed as Massage Therapist and Instructor in New Mexico (USA), where he maintained a private practice of therapeutic bodywork and worked with Blue Lotus Integrative Healing Arts clinic. Since 2018 Maruan lives in Ireland where he continues teaching