Shiatsu is a wonderfully effective treatment that im deeply passionate about and really delighted to be trained in. Previous to discovering shiatsu, i had received acupuncture for a while but i personally find shiatsu much more effective for those who love mindful, nurturing touch while also working with acupuncture points and meridian lines in a deep, informed and effective way. One feels so well looked after when one experiences good shiatsu. Its such beautiful work both to give and receive.

I thoroughly enjoyed learning shiatsu at the Shiatsu College Dublin. Its a training where you will develop yourself physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. It will challenge you but also highly reward you.

I originally intended to do the one year training but i loved shiatsu so much i went on to study for three with absolutely no regrets. Shiatsu is a way of being in the world and a completely transformative training. There are so many trainings nowadays where one can train up in a weekend and then claim to be qualified in something. But honestly what good this does within the world is very questionable-standards and quality health care is crucial.

What i love about shiatsu is that it is a thorough training based on years of ancient chinese medical wisdom and knowledge that far outdate and yet really compliment western medicine. I felt drawn to do this training and yet hesitated. I followed my knowing that this was right for me and I have no regrets. What shiatsu brings to the world is precious and what it can bring to you and others-invaluable.


When I first took part in the Shiatsu Foundation Course with Shiatsu College Dublin, it was amazing, I still remember feeling like a was walking on a cloud. I immediately signed up to complete the 3 year Diploma and that was the start of my journey.

I loved it, I loved the teaching and the learning. I loved the hands on approach and I loved what I learned about myself and about others. I love the sheer depth of this new understanding that I have about myself.
Completing the Diploma is something that I’m immensely proud of, it has given me new tools that I use in my daily life and it has given me new friends for life also.


Shiatsu is a complete language and a complex form of treatment which addresses a pattern of disharmony on many levels. It provides me with a method to work the physical body, balance emotions and relax the nervous system. It is a framework to understand patterns of diseases and the energetic make-up of the body.


I loved the course, absolutely loved it.


I began my Shiatsu journey in September 2013 with a foundation course in Dublin. Little did I know at the time what a transformation this would have on my life.

The thing about Shiatsu is, it changes you in ways you don’t initially see, it works so subtly but so profoundly; I describe this to my clients as a ‘gradual realisation or awakening within yourself’.

As the course progressed, I myself began to realise that what I would leave the college with when I graduated, was more than just a diploma and more than just the much yearned for title of ‘practitioner’, it was way more than that, I had a better understanding of who I am and how I live my life not to mention the new friendships I forged with students and tutors.

Shiatsu College holds a special place in my heart for that reason. The tutors there are everything a budding practitioner needs; supportive, knowledgeable,experienced and kind. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Shiatsu College Dublin to anyone.


I found the Shiatsu Diploma course by pure chance. I worked in corporate finance, spent long hours sitting at desks in front of computer screens. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my job and did it for over 12 years but I did look for a change. I wanted something less hamster wheel, less Excel spreadsheets, something more centred around helping people, something tangible and real.

I did the weekend intro course and then signed up to the Diploma with Shiatsu College Dublin. And you know what, it’s the best thing I’ve ever done for my career and myself. The college is a real sanctuary, a really lovely space to be in. The training weekends are brilliant, intense too and incredibly rewarding. I’ve learned so much about bodywork, about energy, about connection and presence, and about myself. And we’re laughing a lot, I made some of my best friends here.

And you’ll love the teachers, all with their own style of Shiatsu and decades of experience. They are incredible, they never hesitate to share their knowledge or to support you.

And now I just do what I love doing and there’s nothing more beautiful and rewarding than being able to look after people.


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