What Is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu is rooted in Traditional Oriental Medicine, which has been an effective system of health care for over 3000 years. Shiatsu originated in Japan. It is both a form of physical therapy and a means to greater integration of body, mind and spirit. In the oriental view all physical and emotional problems are viewed as disruptions in the body’s flow of life energy called Chi or Ki. From observation Ki has been found to flow along channels or meridians that are linked to the functions of the major organs. By applying both pressure and stretching techniques the Shiatsu practitioner is able to initiate the movement of Ki to revitalise affected areas.

The purpose of the Shiatsu treatment is to re-balance energy along these channels and to promote self-healing. Shiatsu is Japanese for ‘finger pressure’, but the practitioner may also use thumbs, palms, elbows, knees and feet during a treatment. Touch is the essence of Shiatsu. Through the medium of touch the experienced Shiatsu practitioner is able to activate innate self-healing mechanisms within the patient, resulting in a heightened sense of well-being in body, mind and spirit.

Proven Benefits Of Shiatsu

Recent research carried out by the University of Leeds on behalf of the European Shiatsu Federation establishes that the main benefits and effects of shiatsu are:

  1. Increased relaxation and a sense of calm (95% of participants)
  2. Being more energised (71% of participants)
  3. Being better able to cope (71% of participants)
  4. 86% of participants report effectiveness in treating symptoms of:
    1. stress and tension, problems with muscles and joints including back pain and posture
    2. low energy and fatigue, and others such as digestive problems, breathing problems, MS, etc

The study, carried out by Professor A.F. Long of the School of Healthcare, Leeds University took place in Austria, Spain and the UK in 2006 and 2007. (See: www.shiatsu-esf.org)

Why Study Shiatsu

Studying Shiatsu will allow your mind, body and spirit to come into a greater harmony so you can look, feel and be healthier. The training focuses on developing self-awareness and improved health for students. This is achieved through a carefully designed exercise programme which incorporates many oriental exercise systems including Chi Gong, Do-In Taoist exercises, Yoga. The course also includes some meditation to help develop the mind and thus affect change in the energetic and body systems.

Studying and giving Shiatsu is an enjoyable experience. You don’t necessarily have to want to become a practitioner. You may simply wish to improve your own health and learn about Shiatsu as a means to a more satisfying and happier life.

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